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"Gerri Weagraff nails the flighty society type..." (read full review of Lend Me a Tenor)

Gerri Weagraff as "Julia" in Lend Me a Tenor at The Candlelight Theatre

The show will go on!

"Weagraff's Amnesia is endearingly simple, easily confused and entertaining..." (read full review of Nunsense)

Gerri Weagraff as "Sister Amnesia" in Nunsense at Hedgerow Theatre

Hedgerow Theatre


Gerri Weagraff as "Mrs. Potts" in Disney's Beauty and the Beast at Arizona Broadway Theatre

The Candlelight Theatre


"As Mrs. Potts the teapot, Gerri Weagraff's rendition of the romantic, titular song is every bit as delicate and as charming as Angela Lansbury's original, whose singing voice Weagraff faintly echoes." (read full review of Disney's Beauty and the Beast) 

Arizona Broadway Theatre